Francesco Contr

Francesco Contri

He was born in Verona (Vr) on 21 june 1997.
He has been working for the firm since march 2022.
Law degree achieved at the University of Ferrara with the highest honors, 110 out of 110 cum laude.
Final dissertation in Criminal Law: “Demages from exposures to toxic substances. An analysis of the issues in classical Criminal Law and of the corporate liability”, under the supervision of Prof.: Donato Castronuovo (supervisor), Ciro Grandi (co-examiner), Marco Venturoli (co-examiner).
He has been a candidate in the PhD program in criminal law at the University of Ferrara since November 2022 (tutor Prof. Donato Castronuovo and co-tutor Dr. Marco Venturoli).
He is author of several publications.
Languages: Italian, English.